Download ISO Windows 11 Build 22610 for Beta and Dev Insiders

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Download ISO Windows 11 Build 22610 for Beta and Dev Insiders
Download ISO Windows 11 Build 22610
Hello Windows users, Microsoft has just released Windows 11 Build 22610 to internal users via Beta and Dev channels. This update includes new group policy options and includes a long list of bug fixes. It also adds the dynamic content that Microsoft announced for the Widgets panel going back to the previous Build 22563.

The preview update called Windows 11 Insider Preview 22610 (NI_RELEASE) comes with improvements to File Explorer and it also includes support for some new Windows group policies as well as improvements to the Family Safety Widget. , etc. As for the fix, Microsoft said it fixed an issue where changing the resolution changed icons unexpectedly.

Starting with Build 22610, the Group Policy editor can be used to modify settings on Start, Taskbar, and system. For example, you can now make changes to policies to disable Quick Settings, Notification Center and calendar flyers, Start and taskbar search, hide mode view tasks from taskbar, Hide Recommended in Start, etc.

You can also block the Pinned customization in Start and disable the Start context menu, or hide All apps in Start.

What's New in Windows 11 Build 22610

MDM and Group Policy for IT Admins

Microsoft introduces new policies for IT administrators. With these new policies, they can simplify their Windows 11 experience across Start, taskbar, and system tray. Here are the policies in this build:
  • Disable the Quick Settings menu.
  • Turn off Notification Center and calendar flyer.
  • Disable all taskbar settings.
  • Turning off search (on Start and taskbar).
  • Hide Action View from the taskbar.
  • Customize the Pinned block in Start.
  • Hide Recommended in getting Started.
  • Turn off the Start context menu.
  • Hide All apps in Start.
You can go to Group Policy Editor > User Configuration > Administrative Templates > Start Menu and Taskbar to configure these new group policies locally.

Update safety gadgets for the family

Microsoft also updated the Family Safety Utility. It has a new location-sharing view that shows where your family members are using the Family Safety app. In addition, members in a member role now have an improved view of screen time usage across apps and devices. You can report your issue in Desktop Environment > Utilities.
Location sharing in Family Safety.
The most notable change is system accent color support in Task Manager. Windows 11 Task Manager now uses the accent color configured in the personalization settings, but the app will ignore your accent color and switch to the default blue accent color for certain areas to ensure readability.

Install Windows 11 Build 22610

To install Windows 11 Build 22610, follow these steps:
Join the Windows Insider Program.
  • Open the Settings page.
  • Switch to Dev or Beta. If your device runs Windows 10, upgrade to Windows 11.
  • Click Check for updates and select Download and install.
  • Click Reboot Now.
Also you can download Windows 11 Build 22610.1 on Microsoft: Download Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22610.

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