Windows 11 Insider Build 25136 to the Dev Channel

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Windows 11 Insider Build 25136 to the Dev Channel

Hello Windows 11 users, Microsoft is releasing Windows 11 Insider Preview build 25136 to the Dev channel. This time, it actually comes with some new features. Most notably, it comes with tabs in File Explorer.

This is a feature that leaked in an earlier build announced by Microsoft that is now being released. Unfortunately, features that require a new build of Windows 11 will not appear in this year's 22H2 update.

The update brings a couple of useful improvements to File Explorer, it starts showing tabs in the title bar, and it also comes with a refreshed layout of the left navigation pane. Microsoft also added some new dynamic content widgets on the taskbar including weather, sports, and finance widgets.

The new build fixes an issue that led to some PCs being mistakenly detected as tablets, fixes an issue where taskbar apps overflow system tray icons, fixes Task Manager issues The service is buggy, among other issues, you can see the full list of fixes in the change table below shared by Microsoft.

Improvements and Changes


  • We're starting to roll out the ability for Insiders to report an animated gif they feel is inappropriate from the emoji panel (WIN+.)



  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some PCs being mistakenly detected as tablets. When this happens, the collapsed mode and the option to hide the checkbox in File Explorer will have no effect.
  • Fixed an issue that caused some Insiders to experience SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION error checks in recent Developer Channel builds.

Task bar

  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused taskbar apps to overflow system tray icons.
  • When you hover over an app in the system tray, the app's notifications will no longer blink.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause Start to display only a column of suggested items.
  • If you're pinning a large number of apps to Start, the apps will now be refreshed to show them more reliably.


  • Fixed an issue from a previous flight where the Disks & Volumes section of System ➔ Memory did not show any disks or volumes.


  • Made a fix to help with a rare issue that caused the title bar to be sometimes transparent or sometimes missing in certain apps.

Windows Update

  • Fixed an issue where Windows Update might unexpectedly show error 0x00000000 when nothing was wrong.
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in some devices checking for errors with HYPERVISOR_ERROR when trying to upgrade to a new build.

Task Manager

  • Fixed an issue that caused Task Manager to sometimes crash on launch after switching between light and dark modes or changing the accent color.


  • Fixed an issue that could lead to increased lag or stutter in games when using v-sync.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some PCs to hang after running the wsl – shutdown command.

Download ISO Windows 11 build 25136 to the Dev Channel

If you've joined the development channel on the Windows 11 Insider Preview Program, you'll get a developer preview build. You just need to go to SettingsWindows Update ➔ Click Check for Updates. You just need to download the update on your PC.

Download ISO Windows 11 Insider Preview on Microsoft:

  • Windows 11 Insider Preview
  • Download Windows 11 Insider 25136 by following the link I shared below:

    ISO Windows 11 Insider 25136 4.5 GB

    If you have any questions or concerns, then leave a comment under this article. Also, please share this article with your friends. Thank!

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